Phoenix HD


Modern quadrocopter with advanced features normally just found in high-end models. Shoots video up to a resolution of 720p and takes 2 Mpx photos. Headless mode and the ability to return home at the touch of a button make it simple to fly even for complete beginners. Spare parts are readily available and easy to replace.

Technical Specifications

Video resolution 720p 30 fps
Photo resolution 2 Mpx
Storage Supports 4 GB micro SD cards
Stability 6-axis gyroscope, automatic altitude hold
Flight functions Launch/land with a single button, 360 ° flip, Return to start position, Headless mode
Range Up to 70 metres
Battery Li-Pol 380 mAh battery. Flight time 7-8 minutes. 45 minutes to fully charge.
Dimensions 195 x 195 x 44 mm (without propeller guards)
Weight Approx. 56 g

Pack contents

• Drone
• Remote control
• 4 propeller guards
• Battery
• Charging cable
• Screwdriver
• User Manual



Strong and lightweight design guarantees durability and excellent handling. Sophisticated modular design allows for simple connection of external modules. Replacing a propeller or the battery takes just a few seconds. Spend more time flying.

Record and watch the world from a bird’s eye view

The BML Phoenix pack includes a camera module for recording onto a microSD card. It records in HD at a resolution of 1280 x 720 and takes 2 Mpx stills.

Auto return and beginner mode

One-button launch and landing makes it simple to operate for complete beginners. As well as this, there is automatic hold mode to maintain flight altitude plus 6-axis stabilization. In the event of problems, the BML Phoenix can be sent back to its start point at the touch of a button. Once the obstacle detector is connected, the drone can detect approaching obstacles and change direction to avoid collisions. A great tool for novice pilots is headless mode, which means you don’t have to work out the forward direction of the drone in flight, helping to avoid mistakes when turning and losing control.

Long flight time

With a replaceable 380 mAh battery, fly up to 8 minutes on a single charge. The battery can be fully charged in 45 minutes.

Flight assistants

With automatic altitude hold mode and a 6-axis gyroscope flying is a breeze. After connecting the obstacle detection sensor which can be purchased as an add-on module, your drone will help prevent collisions during flight.

Mode for beginners

Headless mode means you don’t have to work out the forward direction of the drone in flight, helping to avoid mistakes when turning and losing control.

Video recording

HD camera lets you shoot and monitor everything your drone sees during flight.

360° Flip

Every BML drone can flip about its axis. Simply press the button and choose the direction of rotation with the joystick. The flip is then performed automatically with the drone then returning to its basic flight position.

Additional modules

BML drones allow for simple configuration changes by connecting or adding optional modules. Simply add an obstacle sensor, a FPV image transfer module or a propeller protector.

Easy maintenance and servicing

Modular design allows you to quickly and easily change the different parts of the drone. Changing a propeller or removing the battery takes a matter of seconds. Thanks to the availability of spare parts, you don’t have to wait months to get replacement parts if the drone gets damaged.

Automatic return

At the touch of a button, the drone can turn back and return to its start point. This is especially useful if you are beginning to lose sight of the drone.