cShot3 4K


The cShot3 4K action camera will amaze with its high-quality recordings and a multitude of features. This beautifully crafted camera comes with a wide range of accessories that allow you to find the perfect recording angle every time. A remote control for smoother more convenient operation comes as part of the basic package. As standard the camera sports an intuitive english menu and an integrated LCD display.

cShot3 4K Specifications

LCD 2 inch
Sensor Sony IMX179
Languages Czech, English, German, Slovak, Polish
Video Resolution Options 4K 30 fps (interpolated), 2.7K 30 fps, 1080 60 fps (interpolated), 1080p 30 fps, 720p 120 fps
Video Format Mp4
Photo Resolution Options 16M/12M/8M/5M/2M
Photo and Video Modes Single / Photo Burst / Self-timer / Slow-motion / Time-lapse Video / Loop Recording
Connectivity Wi-Fi, Micro USB 2.0, HDMI
Dimensions 5.7 x 4,0 x 2.9 cm (with lens)
Weight with Case, inc. battery 155 g

Package Contents

• cShot3 4K action camera
• Waterproof case
• Remote control
• Tube mount
• Frame for use without waterproof case
• J mount
• Fast plug-in
• Quick clip mount
• Straight adhesive mount
• Curved adhesive mount
• 3-axis connector (3 parts)
• Tripod adapter
• Tripod thread adapter
• Universal hook-and-loop fastening straps
• 3M adhesive pads
• USB cable
• Li-ion battery
• Cable ties
• Li-ion baterie
• Replacement door
• Steel cord
• Microfibre cloth
• User Manual


Experience a World Full of Detail

Despite its compact dimensions and light weight, the cShot3 4K boasts an interpolated resolution of 4K at 30 fps. The camera shoots at a native resolution of 2.7K at 30 fps but if you prefer a higher frame rate you can choose between 1080p at 60 fps or 720p at an incredible 120 fps. With the slow-motion feature you can create slow-motion shots which are both smooth and beautifully clear. Add a new dimension to your experience by taking crisp 16M photos.

Unstoppable and Always at Hand

Modern technology enables the cShot3 4K to shoot and charge simultaneously, either using a powerbank or conventional charger. A rich array of accessories plus a waterproof case means endless possibilities when creating original videos and photos. High-quality craftsmanship guarantees that the waterproof case protects your camera from the rain as well as immersion in water. The cShot3 4K is one of the few cameras that includes a remote control in the basic package.

Always Something Extra

No need to painstakingly edit your footage. Time-lapse video mode or automatic slow-motion video mode will do the work for you. A wide-angle lens with a viewing angle of 170 degrees captures everything around. The built-in Wi-Fi lets you control the camera from your smartphone using the free iOS or Android app. Basic controls can be done via the remote control, which also comes as part of the basic package.

Experience a World Full of Detail

Capture the world around you at resolutions of up to 4K at 30 fps. Create stunning slow-motion videos using at 720p at an incredible 120 fps.

Automatic Slow-motion Video

Create attractive videos without additional processing. Slow-motion feature creates slow-motion shots for you. 720p at 120 fps ensures an amazing high-quality image.

Wide Viewing Angle

cShot3 4K captures everything around you. Viewing angle of 170 degrees and wide range of accessories means you can capture everything from the perfect perspective.

Dead Battery No More

cShot3 4K does not stop at a dead battery. Create long time-lapse videos without having to worry about the battery status. Connect the camera to a powerbank and head out for an adventure. Charge and shoot at the same time.

Remote Control

When you purchase the cShot3 4K you get a remote control that lets you control the camera without having to constantly adjust it manually. Set the camera up at the best angle and control the camera comfortably using the remote. Never miss an interesting shot again.

Come Rain or Shine

No need to wait for favourable weather. Use the waterproof housing to protect the camera against water, mud and other dirt. Shield your camera against damage whilst maintaining perfect image quality.

More Room for your Video

cShot3 4K supports microSD cards up to 64 GB. Always have plenty of space available at hand for high resolution videos and photos.

Integrated LCD Screen

Built-in 2.0" LCD display lets you set up the perfect shot and view photos and videos instantly. Avoid taking unwanted shots.