BML CarCall BT-3

For safe and convenient calls behind the wheel


Getting this practical handsfree system for your car is cheaper than the potential fine you’d get for using your phone whilst driving. The BML CarCall BT-3 clicks easily onto the sun visor, pairs with your phone over Bluetooth and leaves you free to safely make calls the whole journey.

Technical Specifications

Bluetooth Version 4.2
Bluetooth range 10 metres
Power DC 5V
Battery 3,7V 600 mAh lithium
Speaker power 2W
Speaker frequency range 20Hz-20Khz
Call time Up to 5 hours at maximum volume
Standby time Up to 600 hours
Charging time 2 to 3 hours
Charging connector micro USB
Functions Handsfree, volume control, call answering, music playback

Pack contents

• Car handsfree unit
• Metal holder
• Micro USB charging cable
• Car charger
• Manual
• Registration card


Simple control without distraction

Most accidents occur due to distractions, so to combat this we have simplified the controls of the BML CarCall BT-3 so you can fully concentrate on the road ahead. Accept and end calls with a single touch and easily adjust the volume or turn on handsfree.

Handsfree for every car

Whether your car has just left the production line or has a few years behind it, the BML CarCall BT-3 is perfect. It installs in a second – just click the box to the sun visor and you’re good to go. Thanks to up-to-date Bluetooth 4.2, which saves battery on your phone, your calls will be uninterrupted.

Constantly on alert

Thanks to its powerful battery, the BML CarCall BT-3 lasts up to 600 hours. Charging is easily done by plugging it into the car charger using the micro USB cable. When you aren’t on a call, you can also play your favourite song through the speaker.

Bluetooth 4.2

Simply pair your phone and Bluetooth 4.2 takes care of transferring your calls without interruption.

Clear audio

High-quality speaker and microphone ensure that your calls are not impaired by unnecessary noise. Talk to loved ones as if they were next to you.


When on a call, your phone is safely in your pocket or case meaning you’ll avoid a fine or an accident.

High-quality battery

Thanks to its high-quality battery, the CarCall can last up to 600 hours in standby mode with talk time of up to 5 hours.