The 8-channel BML Safe CCTV surveillance set is the ideal camera security solution both indoors and outdoors. It is user-friendly yet still meets the demands you would expect from a modern surveillance system. It handles HD video recording and thanks to the H.264 codec, it provides excellent picture quality, plus reasonable data storage requirements and even online transmission. With easy installation and intuitive controls, it is suitable both for the protection and monitoring of your weekend house as well as your home or workplace.

Key features

• Set with 4 cameras in the pack (can be expanded up to 8 cameras)
• High resolution HD 720p (1280×720) / 30fps / 1.0MP)
• Option to connect Full HD cameras (1920×1080)
• Recording options: manual, automatic, motion detection
• Pre-recording function with email notifications
• Automatically switch between day and night mode
• Night vision up to 20m (includes 24 IR LEDs with diameter of 5mm)
• Backup recording on HDD (not included, max. 6TB)
• Dust and water resistant in accordance with IP66
• Mobile app: XMeye with QR pairing
• PC program: CMS
• Czech localization
• Easy to install
• Lifetime of infrared LEDs: 10 000 h
• Effective H.264 video compression
• Wide range of applications (home, hotel, warehouse, office, shop, school, car park, factory)

List of functions

  1. Recording
    • Video length and pre-recording settings
    • Time settings (hours, days, non-stop)
    • Record trigger settings (motion detection, alarm or non-stop)
  2. Playback
    • Live view settings (1 camera, camera 1-4, camera 4-8, 8 cameras at once)
    • Interval setting for alternating or switching cameras
    • Clearly select uploaded recordings on timeline (colour resolution of event, movement, etc...)
  3. Alarm
    • Motion detection
      • Sensitivity settings
      • Set zone to image
      • Select response to this alarm (mobile message, email alert, FTP upload and more)
    • Detection of covered camera
      • Select response to this alarm (mobile message, email alert, FTP upload and more)
    • Detection of camera loss or connection loss
      • Select response to this alarm (mobile message, email alert, FTP upload and more)
    • Detection of other abnormal events
      • Full disk
      • Disk error
      • Connection problem
      • IP problem
  4. Backup (e.g. from HD to flash disk)
    • Select camera, data, time, event, format
  5. Settings
    • Time and date
    • Recording and quality
    • Network connection
    • Display resolution
    • Motion camera settings (if motion cameras connected)
    • Further settings (account, storage, online user, image, import / export, and more)

Pack contents

• 4x waterproof outdoor/indoor camera
• Adapter and power cables (4×20m)
• Remote control
• USB mouse
• CD with manuals and software (PC program, detailed manual and guides)
• User Manual and Safety Instructions

Keep a watchful eye, wherever you are

Once connected to the internet, it is possible to monitor live recordings online via the network. Unlike competing devices, there is no need for complex port settings on the router. In addition, it provides several options how to monitor the camera recordings. One of the most practical is by using the Xmeye app on your mobile device. This handy mobile app provides easy camera management and real-time image transmission. For Windows desktop users there is a CMS (Center Manager System) program, which is particularly useful when used on a local network.

HD resolution day and night

The set includes 4 high-quality colour cameras featuring a CMOS 1/4" sensor with 720p HD resolution that delivers bright and crisp images, captured at 25 frames per second using H.264 encoding. The cameras provide great visibility up to 20 metres, even in complete darkness or poorly-lit areas. These cameras, use the latest tech and will monitor and keep watch over your property at a high quality in all conditions both night and day.

Up to 2 months in HD

As this is an 8-channel set, 4 additional cameras can be purchased on top the 4 included in the basic kit. After that, the system can be used in an expanded configuration which is good enough to cover a small industrial area.

Each set can be expanded up to 6TB HDD. With continuous recording of all 4 cameras at once, the disk stores two months of HD recordings. If motion detection recording is set up on the system, then this time period is increased several times over.

Intelligent motion detection system

Take advantage of the handy pre-recording feature that records several seconds before motion is detected. Pre-recording in an enhanced form of motion detection recording which records moments before the actual motion was detected. This feature means you never miss the first few seconds, unlike cameras with standard motion detection. Be rest assured that your workplace or home are under constant guard.

Simplicity above all

Installation of the DVR recorder is simple and can be handled by anyone. After installing the hard drive, setting up your online storage and connecting a TV or other display via a VGA or HDMI cable, there is a clear guided setup wizard. Within moments, you’ll have all recording options set up, including alarm, image zones, motion detection and everything working right out of the box.

Not just a mobile app

Just download the app to your mobile device, tablet or PC and you can easily and quickly monitor the camera anywhere over Wi-Fi or a 4G LTE/3G connection.

Record for several months

Each set can be expanded up to 6TB HDD. With non-stop recording of all 4 cameras at once, the disk can store two months of HD footage.

Motion detection and recording

Set the system to record only when it detects motion and recording length is many times longer.

HD image day/night

Camera using the latest tech to monitor areas in high quality in all conditions day or night at a resolution of 720p.

Pure simplicity

Set up all recording options in just a few moments including the alarm, image zones, motion detection and more. Everything works right out of the box.

Guard both day and night

Camera automatically switches to night mode at low ambient lighting to keep your property safe day and night.