BML USB-C Multiport docking station XL

All accessories at once


Expand the possibilities of your notebook or Mac. The BML USB-C Multiport docking station XL will add all the necessary ports to your device, saving you time. The notebook dock adds an HDMI port capable of transferring images up to 4K, a VGA port, 2 superfast USB 3.0 ports for accessories, one modern USB-C port, RJ-45 connector for fast internet and 2 jacks for connecting external audio and a microphone. The notebook itself connects via USB-C making it the ideal solution for new MacBooks and other ultrabooks, plus the sleek aluminium body looks and feels great.


Output ports 2X USB-A 3.0 + HDMI + RJ45 + 2X jack (audio, microphone) + USB-C
Input port USB-C
Features Plug & Play, 4K HDMI, aluminium body, power delivery (20.3V/3A)
Dimensions (LxHxW) 224 x 34 x 34 mm
Length of supply cable 30 cm
Operating temperature -15°C - 70°C

Pack Contents

• Docking station
• USB-C cable
• Manual


All accessories at once

Modern notebooks emphasize portability but often lack essential connectors. For this the BML USB-C Multiport docking station XL is the perfect solution. Plus, there is no need to disconnect all the cables when frequently carrying around your computer. Just pull out the USB-C connection from the dock and you’ll have total freedom. It’s just as easy to reconnect all the accessories again.

Connect a monitor and go 4K

The BML docking station is equipped with a high-quality HDMI port that allows you to transfer video up to 4K. It’s great for connecting an external monitor or TV. The high bite rate means the image will be perfectly smooth.

Metal body fits any notebook

The beautiful aluminium body will be a great addition to your notebook. Quality workmanship and a compact form factor allow the BML docking station to be used with all brands and sizes of computers. If your computer supports charging via USB-C, it can be recharged through the station, making plugging and unplugging the notebook a little easier.

Be online with a powerful Ethernet

Wi-Fi is great but when you need maximum stability and minimal latency, a cable connection is ideal. That's why we’ve put the RJ45 Ethernet port in the BML docking station. Just click in the network cable and you're online in an instant.

USB-C connection

Connect your docking station to the latest MacBooks and notebooks.

Charge your notebook

If you connect an adequate power source, you can use the USB-C power delivery function to charge your notebook. Depending on the power source, it will allow up to 60 W of charging power.

First class 4K HDMI port

Transfer the highest quality video through the dock in 4K at 30 fps.

Versatility with a metal body

Elegant aluminium body works with a sizes and models of notebook.

Built-in ethernet

Do you need to connect via cable? With RJ45 ethernet it's not a problem.