H-series H9


Wireless BML H-series H9 headphones let you listen to music with freedom. Experience a pure balanced sound and a comfortable design. Suitable at home or on the road. Flexible design and soft ear cushions mean it’s easy to forget that you even have the headphones on.

Technical specification

Wireless Technology Bluetooth 4.0
Audio input 3.5mm jack
Audio cable length 1,2 m
Play time Up to 8 hours
Max. pairing Distance Up to 8 metres
Battery Capacity 200 mAh

Package contents

• Headphones
• Power cable
• Audio cable
• Manual


Exceptional Sound and Processing

Adjustable headband, flexible design and soft ear cushions offer amazing comfort. H-series H9 headphones with their 40 mm transducer and a frequency range of 20 to 20,000 Hz provide a perfectly crisp audio experience, with dense bass, bright mids and clear highs.

Up to 8 Hours of Listening with Bluetooth 4.0

Enjoy the freedom. With a battery capacity of 200 mAh, the headphones can last up to eight hours on a single charge and can be used up to eight meters from the source device. Bluetooth 4.0 provides high-quality sound without signal dropouts which is energy saving for both the source and end device. If the headphones run out of juice, simply use the audio cable instead and your private party can continue.

Flexible Construction and Folding Mechanism

Matt rubber coating protects the BML headphones from scratches and fingerprints, something which is always a problem on shiny surfaces. Durable folding mechanism allows the headphones to be easily and compactly stored when on your travels.

Handsfree and Simple Operation

H-series H9 has a built-in microphone and handsfree function. Manage calls easily with your mobile phone securely in your pocket. Controls are intuitive and easy to use. Turn up the volume, skip to the next track or answer a call with just a single touch.

Modern Technology

Bluetooth version 4.0 provides lower power consumption.

Easy Operation

Playing back music, taking calls and adjusting the volume can all be controlled easily and conveniently on the ear cups.


Handsfree function allows you to answer calls and switch seamlessly back to your music when the call has ended.

Listen Even With a Dead Battery

Connect the included audio cable and listen to music even when the battery is fully discharged.

Freedom of Movement

Headphones have a range of up to 8 meters from the source.

Long Battery Life

Lasts up to 8 hours on a single charge.