BML 4hub
USB 3.0

more ports, more possibilities


The BML 4hub USB-C is for everyone who wants more from their computer. Just connect it to your notebook and you’ll have 4 conventional USB ports to spare. All data passes through the hub at maximum speed thanks to USB 3.0, which is several times faster than previous versions. Plus, there’s no need to install additional drivers – Plug & Play means the BML 4hub is instantly ready for use.


Output Ports 4 x USB-A 3.0
Input Ports USB 3.0
Plug & Play Support Plug & Play support, mobile device charging, LED connection indicator
Weight 40 g
Dimensions 60 x 60 x 14 mm
Cable Length 30 cm
Operating Temperature -15°C - 70°C
Storage Temperature 15°C - 25°C

Package contents

• USB hub
• Manual


Space for all your accessories

More and more notebooks have fewer spare ports. The BML 4hub USB-C is the perfect solution. Its clean and simple design will sit neatly on your desk and its compact size means it takes up almost no extra space. With 4 superfast USB 3.0 ports, there’s no need to worry about connecting a mouse, an external drive and a printer - you can have them all at once.

Simply plug in

No driver installation - the BML 4hub USB-C just plugs in and is instantly ready for use. Plus, it’s equipped with a 30cm long cable, allowing it to reach the computer ports which are more difficult to get to. No more stretching your accessories around the corner.

Compact dimensions

BML 4hub USB 3.0, is compact, portable and takes up minimal desk space.

Superfast USB 3.0

Modern USB 3.0 technology ensures files are transferred fast.

Practical 30 cm cable

Sufficiently long cable gives you extra freedom, perfect for a notebook or computer.

4 USB ports for accessories

External drives, printers, connect all devices at once with minimal lag.